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“Based upon the belief that education empowers and health education saves lives, our hope is to extend the impact of Stanford’s broad and deep research and education expertise around the world.”
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Qhawe Nkopane

Qhawe's Story

A new star is lighting up the production team at Digital MEdIC South Africa’s head office in Cape Town. Her name is Qhawe Nkopane and she is DMSA’s youngest voice actor. Without any formal training, this 10 year-old, who narrates Stanford health education content in English and isiXhosa, is winning the hearts of academics, government health officials and philanthropic donors around the globe — not to mention the community members for whom her videos are created. Read more.

The Need for Digital Training Content Among Midwives in India

In December 2016, Stanford Digital MEdIC began a collaboration with the Government of Rajasthan and the Antara Foundation to produce digital healthcare education content in order to improve capacity among community healthcare workers. Specifically, the focus of the collaboration was to improve the work of Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), and Anganwadi workers in the area of maternal and child health. Together, the healthcare workers serve as the first point of care for the majority of mothers and children in India, and yet they often have limited knowledge and support to address the needs of this population. Read more.
Jhalawar Medical Students

Perspective From Global Medical Students

I conducted a focus group interview with first-year and second-year medical students at Jhalawar Medical College in Rajasthan, India. It was the day before Shivaratri, a Hindu holiday, and students described their excitement about vacation from school. Some students were traveling to celebrate with their families, and others were planning to sleep in and catch up on studying for their state board exam. It sounded like a holiday at Stanford Medical School. Read more.

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"Since launching Digital MEdIC, we have established the necessary technology, teams, and content to support a global program of this scale. We consider ourselves to be a learning lab, identifying best practices that can scale to achieve maximum impact. Digital MEdIC currently has partnerships and in-country hubs in India and South Africa, with the goal of exponentially expanding our impact within these countries and in new regions around the world."