Digital MEdIC Collaborators

Digital Medical Education International Collaborative (Digital MEdIC) offers an opportunity for your institution to support training and educational programs, increasing the capacity for healthcare delivery in your region. Our innovative online platform allows you to access Stanford’s medical education content and customize it for your specific curricular needs. This high quality educational resource is available to our collaborators at no cost.

Digital MEdIC blends sound pedagogy with cutting edge technology for today’s healthcare professionals. Your institution will have access to a comprehensive library of learner-centered, competency based, online curricula, which can be utilized to complement your existing program. This solution, accessible to your students and trainees anytime and anywhere, offers flexible learning pathways with tools for recording and reporting learner progress.

We are establishing collaborations with a select number of forward-thinking medical schools in India. Thought leaders from these institutions will team with Stanford Medicine’s renowned faculty and instructional design teams to collaboratively create customized curricula and associated learning resources.

Becoming a collaborator

We are seeking collaborators from innovative, forward thinking medical schools, both locally and internationally who would be interested in sharing, collaborating and developing content and resources for our open source learning platform. We will freely share our content with our collaborator institutions globally. In addition, as a collaborator institution you will work with Stanford Medicine’s Faculty development and Instructional design teams to jointly create, innovate and customize curricula to develop novel learning resources at the forefront of medical education.

Become a sponsor

Digital MEdiC is an open source resource, non-profit project created and designed to be free at the point of delivery. We are very grateful for our sponsors who have made this project possible. In order to keep the program free for our users we have been supported through donations and sponsorship. If you would like to donate or become a sponsor to help further develop the Digital MEdIC program, contact us at .